Hi and thank you for reading about me! I am a portrait photographer with almost 14 years of experience.
Today I specialize in portrait photography, be it commercial, lifestyle, business portraits and art. My work has received well over 50.000 publications mostly via my stock catalogue that was created 2015-2020, and since 2020 I have been mostly working with direct clients in a variety of tasks involving the aforementioned types of photography. A niche that I was particularly successful in, has been humans & technology.
I have become sort of a photography nomad, too. My career started in Greece, then I moved to Kyiv, Ukraine which is easily in the top 5 cities in the world, regarding the largest commercial photography output. This is mostly because of their stock photography infrastructure. Working for a few years in Ukraine was one of the best experiences any photographer could have hoped for. Unfortunately, a war started and I had to move away. Temporarily or not, time will tell. Now I am based in the Netherlands, Utrecht.
Quite a few renown clients have used my work and some you might have heard of. Motorola, Forbes (magazine), TheVerge (Blog), Fujitsu, UNESCO, Dell, MIT, Red Bull and more.
You can check what clients have written about our work together in my Testimonials page.
If you are interested in checking out my stock photography library you can do so in this link.
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